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I know what it’s like to feel sexually inadequate and insecure, body conscious and unsure how to approach potential partners. I know that most of us don’t get the sex education we deserve, that we’re denied pleasure in our shame-oriented society. I will help you overcome all of that.

Why sex coaching? Because you deserve the sex you’ve been craving all your life.


We know from research that when people are authentic about their sexual desires and truly live them, they are their happiest selves. In our sessions, we’ll talk about your sexual desires in a judgment-free environment that celebrates your authentic erotic fantasies. I’ll offer you tools and hands-on guidance to master the skills you’ve been craving, from female ejaculation to kink to cuckolding, just to name a few.



I am not currently accepting new coaching clients, in order to focus on current clients and future online courses.

For serious inquiries, please feel free to email!

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Coaching sessions are designed to assess your current sexual practices and address concerns, questions, challenges, and desires to create a program to take your sex life to the next level.
First, we have a free 30-minute coaching consultation call to introduce ourselves and assess how I can help you based on your personalized needs.
Next, we set up coaching sessions, which can be done in-person, via video call, or over the phone. This way we can work together even if you don’t live in New York City, or if you’re out of town and need my immediate assistance.

Sessions follow a multi-step process:


Our bodies are capable of giving us endless amounts of stimulation, arousal, and pleasure, we just need to play and work with them to unlock the keys to these instances. For example, when it comes to touch, everyone has different preferences, just like with food. Some people like spicy, some like sweet, etc. Everybody has their specific preferences. it’s not limited to one type of preference, it’s an ongoing discovery. Check out this article in Psych n’ Sex that elaborates on how I use pleasure mapping in my coaching.



Research shows that when you’re authentic to yourself — in your desires, your behaviors, your values — that your health, happiness, and overall wellness all increase. I help individuals to determine their sexual authenticity model, find where they’re compatible with their partner(s), and give them the skills to embrace and pursue their sexual truths.



Sexual communication is one of the most important skills to create mutually satisfying sex. Using pleasure loops, I make the process of giving feedback into an effective game that couples can use to communicate in a fun, engaging, and easy way.


Couples can get hands-on coaching sessions ;
Singles can receive consultant-style sessions.

Sessions can benefit all ages, all relationship styles, all demographics.

However, as a straight man myself, my expertise is in helping men give pleasure to their female partner(s). If that doesn’t sound like the right fit for you, I’d still love to refer you to one of my colleagues!


I offer several different coaching options to find the one that best suits your needs and schedule. All sessions are available either in person (located in Brooklyn, NY) or via video call.

A great place to get started! Get 90 minutes of time with me to discuss what challenges you’re facing in your current sex life. If you end up deciding to book a multi-session package after this session, you can apply this session’s payment to that package.

Online/Remote: $350
Hands-on/In-person: $500

Want to go deeper than you can in 90 minutes? I offer two different discounted pricing options if you book more than one session at a time.

3 session package: $825
5 session package: $1325

3 session package: $1350
5 session package: $2000

My private coaching sessions are great for couples who want to get more out of their sexual experiences together. These sessions last 2-3 hours, where we’ll spend time exploring each partner’s desires as individuals as well as exploring mutual fantasies and pleasure sensations.

Price: $1000

If you’d like to spend one month with my sex hacks at your fingertips, this is the way to do it! In addition to four hours of session time over the course of the month, you get unlimited texting and emailing with me for any questions that come up in between! Online/remote only.

Price: $1000

In order to keep sex education as accessible as possible, I offer a once a month pay-what-you-can session. For more information, email

Client Testimonials

  • WOW! My wife was blown away. She said she did not know her body was capable of those wonderful feelings! Kenneth knows how to “hit the spots”. He is also a good teacher, and you will enjoy “hitting the spots” for a long time. Definitely worth the money. Just do it!

  • I will say that my session with Kenneth in NOLA 2016 was and still is one of the most transformational experiences I have had in pushing my edges and opening myself to a whole new aspect of my sensual self! I highly recommend him! I was so moved that I have chosen him to be my practitioner for BttB Mastery Retreat in Costa Rica 2018!

  • Kenneth is a sexual magician. He truly sees you as an individual and a couple and figures out what you need in the first session. He has a gift for taking you past what you thought your limits were, all the while creating a safe container for learning and exploration.

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