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I used to be a fitness professional, and I run my Private PlayLabs much like my personal training sessions. I assess my clients and their current situation and listen to their desires so I can create a program to help the client grow beyond their potential. Much like fitness, once you gain the skills you can repeat the process and work towards improvement, but change won’t happen until you gain the skills to achieve it. Private PlayLabs are all about sex skill development.  

I believe that what you want to change in the bedroom has to be changed in the bedroom.

When you want to improve your yoga practice, you go to yoga class. When you want to learn how to cook, you spend some time exploring in the kitchen. I believe that what you want to change in the bedroom has to be changed in the bedroom. Sex therapy has limitations when dealing with sexual problems in relationships. I trace the problems right to the source to more effectively transform your sex life.

My Private PlayLabs are designed to assess you and your partner’s current sexual practices and address concerns, questions, challenges, and desires to create a program of play to take your sex life to the next level. Most people come to me because they want to have more satisfying and exciting experiences in bed, but many of them don’t know how to articulate their specific desires. My job is to debunk myths about sex that are negatively affecting your sex life and teach you hands-on skills to increase your sexual intelligence to have better sex, better communication techniques to relate to yourself and your partner about your desires, and ways to be more playful in bed. I draw from a tasting menu of everything from tantra to kink to peer-reviewed research from some of the world’s most renowned institutions to select the things a couple needs to experience a level of pleasure they didn’t know was possible.

One of the biggest roadblocks to pleasure is the practice of turning sex into a chore.

One of the biggest roadblocks to pleasure is the practice of turning sex into a chore. I see this all the time, and this obstacle has roots in a lack of communication about desire. Sex has to be intentional in the familiarity of relationships, and it takes effort to develop an internal practice of sex and keep it interesting. In my Private PlayLabs, we create a space to play so you and your partner can discover new things that feel good and develop solutions to challenges that come with exploring new territory. I teach you new techniques, give you coaching and encouragement you as you practice, and give suggestions and feedback for improvement.

First, we have a free 30-minute consultation call to introduce ourselves and assess how I can help you based on your needs. Once you book the PlayLab, we start off with a half an hour conversation to go over your current practices to discover things that aren’t working for you and your partner, areas that could use improvement, and parts of each of your sexualities that want to be explored. Then, we have a private PlayLab for an hour, take a half hour break, play for another hour, and have a closing debrief. We take breaks and try things several times to let go of the pressure to make something work immediately. After all, sex isn’t something you “get right,” and our focus is on discovering your playful side and your capacity for pleasure. The whole session takes between three and four hours, and you’ll both leave with new experiences of pleasure you never knew were possible, sex skills you developed live and in person, and a new way of communicating with your partner to continue the process.

Money Back Guarantee:

I care about your success, and I really want you to experience better, more pleasurable sex. If our work together doesn’t help to radically transform your sex life, then I’d rather your money be directed towards other efforts that can. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the PlayLab, I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

Price: $1,000


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  • “Whoa, and yes! That was epic….This guy’s a keeper!…from learning how to find and play the hell of the g-spot…BRAVO!”

  • Another great big loving thank you to Kenneth Play for all of your love, insight and brilliance today! Here’s to another great big rising star in the world of sex education.

  • “At the Kenneth Play seminar, we were instructed to examine and share our expectations, intentions, and desires for this cruise…Not only did we have an opportunity to examine our own motivations but Kenneth provided a foundation for other couple interactions, basically how to approach others and break the ice…Kenneth Play’s seminars were a highlight of our vacation”

Get on my list and get free, instant access to a clip of my G-Spot Tutorial as seen on Playboy TV! Discover the elusive world of female ejaculation (squirting) and learn the sex hacks, pro tips and simple techniques in record time! I also send the occasional non-annoying email so you can stay up to date about special events and parties.

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Squirting PlayLab with Kenneth Play! 6/23 (Pay What You Can)

June 23, 2017, 7:30pm - June 23, 2017, 10:30pm

Ever wondered about the elusive world of female ej...

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Ever wondered about the elusive world of female ejaculation (squirting)? Join Kenneth Play in this clothing-optional, interactive PlayLab to learn the pro hacks, simple techniques, and toys you need for squirting. Watch a live technique demonstration as seen on Kenneth’s video featured on Playboy TV. You’ll get the opportunity to practice these techniques live while Kenneth helps you perfect your skills in person, much like a personal trainer helps to align the body to get the most out of an exercise. Master G-Spot Sex Hacking techniques to minimize effort and maximize pleasure by lining up the body in the most most biomechanically-optimal positions. Learn to use his favorite G-Spot toy to keeping her “coming” back for more! Build your confidence and “wow” your lover!

Kenneth’s business partner, Dr. Zhana, has sifted through all the research on female ejaculation, so Kenneth will be answering questions you’ve always wondered about, like:
Can every woman squirt?
Is squirting pee?
Is squirting the “Holy Grail” of female orgasms?

"I've personally witnessed Kenneth transform a room full of non-squirting women into squirters and their partners into female-ejaculation facilitators at one of his 'PlayLabs,' a group sex ed event he hosts every month or so. That particular scene became a fleshy, moaning, groaning, dancing fountain with people literally, then figuratively, gushing over the 'sex hacks' the former fitness competitor imparted."
- Grant Stoddard,

"Play demonstrates everything from finding the G spot to making a woman squirt. But this goes beyond your classic condom-and-banana demonstration, a grainy 1970s educational video, or a PowerPoint presentation. Play prefers to use actual vaginas to paint his picture, adding a whole new meaning to the term 'hands-on learning.'"
- Megan Drillinger,

"With humility, humor, science, fun visuals and charm, Play brings a treatment to this topic that’s as entertaining as it is edifying." - Daniel Kreiger,

In this PlayLab, we’ll cover:
– female anatomy
– debunking myths about squirting (is it pee?)
– how to develop an internal GPS to locate the G-spot
– optimized biomechanics (less work, more pleasure)
– must-have toys for squirting
– finding the perfect balance of friction, pressure, and speed
– how to make a huge mess without ruining your mattress

Doors open: 7:00pm
Doors close: 7:45pm*
PlayLab: 7:30-10:30pm
Social/Open Play: 10:30-11:30pm

*Please be mindful of the door closing time. We close the doors at this time in order to preserve the safety of the container we’re creating, and late arrivals are very disruptive to the flow of class.

Note: My goal is to make sex ed as accessible as porn. To that end, I often broadcast my PlayLabs, while keeping the attendees anonymous.

One volunteer couple is needed to help event preparation and cleanup (approximately one hour before doors open and up to one hour after event). Please email if you’d like to help us out!

Snacks and drinks will be provided, BYOB (more sober, more fun). This event will be hosted at the sex-positive intentional community, Hacienda Villa, in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Address will be given upon ticket reservation.

The PlayLab has three parts: a TedTalk-style presentation, a live demo (explicit), and a clothing-optional practice session with your partner.

The PlayLab is partner-oriented class, so bring at least one date (or lover, spouse, or friend). If you’d like to learn the skills solo, you can attend Part I and Part II of this PlayLab.

Space is limited to 30 people. This event tends to sell out, so book your spots today! Please bring a towel, your favorite toys, lube, and safer sex supplies. Clothing-optional.

This class is not your typical sex ed class; it’s a PlayLab. A PlayLab is a progressive live-action sex education experience designed for skill retention. Kenneth utilizes the experiential learning model based on three key ingredients: concept explanation, demonstration, and practice. PlayLabs are not sit-down lectures. He’ll teach you the concepts using audio and visual aides, demonstrate the techniques live, and you get the unique opportunity to practice on the spot as he gives you feedback. This practice and feedback loop is key to learning and remembering new sex hacks, as we learn best by playing. Participation is, of course, not mandatory, but highly encouraged to get the most out of the PlayLab.

Consent and Safety:

This is a clothing/participation-optional event where the majority of attendees will choose to be nude while participating in the exercises. Self-care and consent are of the utmost importance, so you won’t be asked to do anything without your enthusiastic consent. You will not be peer-pressured to participate and you won’t offend anyone by leaving at any time. If any concerns come up during class, Kenneth will be there to support you and your needs. #enthusiasticconsent #ifitsnotahellyesitsahellno

See you there!

Refund policy:

Our goal is to make hands-on adult sex education accessible to everyone! If you need to cancel your reservation, you have the following options:

Transfer it to a friend! Email with the new attendee’s info.
If you’re cancelling 48 hours or more in advance, use Eventbrite’s “request a refund” feature, and we will honor your refund.
If you are cancelling less than 48 hours in advance, we are unable to process a refund, but we would love to have you at a future event for a $1 donation. Email if this is the case so that we know who to expect at the event. ... See MoreSee Less

Squirting PlayLab with Kenneth Play! 6/23 (Pay What You Can)

June 23, 2017, 7:30pm - June 23, 2017, 10:30pm

Ever wondered about the elusive world of female ej...

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